Outdoor large-scale LED screen installation construction knowledge

With the continuous development of the economy, LED grid screens are widely used in the construction of curtain walls, building tops, outdoor advertising and other scenes. Due to the different types of exterior and exterior wall surfaces, manufacturers usually need to combine site conditions with local conditions, so as to achieve a better display effect without prejudice to the appearance of the building. Then the LED grid screen in the implementation process which need to pay attention to the problem? Next small series to come and everyone simply talk about the outdoor large-scale LED grid screen can not know the installation of construction knowledge.
First, the building floor LED grid screen installation location selection of common sense

1. Check the quality of the wall of the building where the LED grid screen is installed. Verify whether the wall surface of the building can bear the weight of the LED grid screen structure.

2. Install the LED screen of the floor to prevent the display area from being blocked by other buildings or trees so as not to affect people’s visual viewing effect;

3, to ensure that the stability of the LED grid screen performance, installation and operation safety.

Second, large-scale outdoor LED screen structure confirmation

For the outdoor LED display installed on the wall surface of the building’s building, in the early stage when the manufacturer designs the construction drawing, the type and size of the building and the root structure, and the location of the LED grid screen shall be explained in detail and analyzed. Confirm to ensure its good running performance.

Third, LED grid screen installation construction points

The LED grid screen should be kept in touch with the construction unit at any time during construction so that the progress of installation of the grid screen can be known in time. If the distance is allowed, the construction site should be visited as far as possible so as to avoid problems such as immediate detection and adjustment and ensure timely adjustment. Building body LED screen can be successfully installed.